40 days to go anywhere in the world I want! Ideas

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I may have the opportunity to travel for 40 days this winter (I live in the US). Im trying to travel on a budget ($3000-4000 including flights), stay in hostels, use budget airlines, eat groceries, etc. Im a solo male traveller. I would like warm weather – not too hot or cold.

My top choices are:
-Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Okinawa
-Thailand and Cambodia
-New Zealand
-Somewhere in South America Ive been to: Spain, UK, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Canada I love history, culture, food, amazing sights/landmarks, nature and hiking. I want to see exotic places and background culture shock! I dont want to have to worry about visas and vaccinations. Ideas are greatly appreciated.


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  1. TravelDirectory.com.au says:

    Thailand – The Delicious Food

    At the point when individuals say they like Thai nourishment yet haven’t been to Thailand, I can’t resist the urge to think, “You’ve never truly experienced Thai sustenance.” Thai sustenance in Thailand is associations superior to anything anyplace else on the planet. There’s more mixture and more flavors. Your mouth hits the dancefloor with flavor when you eat here. The sustenance has kick to it as well. I generally arrange “mai pet,” which signifies “not zesty,” in light of the fact that by Thai principles that implies stand out stew. Much else besides that, and I seem as though I’m going to capsize and bite the dust. (I have a low resistance for zesty nourishment.) All over the boulevards of Thailand, open air slows down serve up the least expensive and best Thai suppers you can discover. Furthermore, regardless of what time it is, there’s dependably nourishment accessible some place.

    In addition, there’s a ton of flavorful universal sustenance in the nation. Thailand is an exceptionally global spot because of the crowds of sightseers and expats around the nation. Some of my most loved sushi eateries are in Bangkok, and you can discover astonishing halal and Indian sustenance in the downtown Sukhumvit territory. What’s more, shockingly, you’ll likewise discover a great deal of Mexican—Señor Pico’s is the best Mexican outside of North Ameri

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