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Next semester a friend and I will be studying abroad in Australia. We live in the USA (I live in NJ she lives in PA) and we would be going to the University of the Sunshine Coast. We are super excited to have the opportunity to go but neither of us have studied abroad before. Actually, neither of us has been out of the country… Since we are so inexperienced with travel I decided to come to you guys for some advice. We're worried about keeping costs low since we really don't have much money to work with. Thankfully the cost of tuition will be covered, but our concern lies more with certain things like phone costs and the like. We have been working with our college international directors but some outside advice (or warnings) can't hurt.

We would appreciate any advice that has anything to do with studying abroad whether it be cost, tips on packing, planning, things to do while there, or different cultural things to look out for, it would be greatly appreciated!


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    Getting Around

    My first stop when looking for shoddy flights is This no nonsense site gives a quick approach to figure out which European spending plan carriers serve the course you’re looking at and assists you with contrasting costs.

    In spite of the fact that flights may look shoddy at first look, it’s critical to figure the additional expenses, for example, the cost for getting to and from the airplane terminal. Additionally, since spending plan carriers are not profiting on your ticket, they search for different approaches to cushion their benefits, for example, charging for nourishment and beverage, need loading up, seat reservations, handling sacks and checking in at the air terminal (rather than online). With a bit of arranging, a couple relinquishes and light pressing, voyagers can maintain a strategic distance from the vast majority of these expenses.

    One method of transportation I educate hikers to direct clear with respect to is an auto. While auto rental costs may look tempting, this is scarcely ever the least expensive alternative for getting around. The every day charge may be low, yet the additional items, for example, tolls, gas and stopping, make it significantly more costly than it appears. Likewise, Europe is spotted with programmed rate weapons and cameras that will issue a ticket and track you down even over the lake. I know this in light of the fact that my own 20-something-year-old child was shot speeding and got a $100 ticket with a $100 administration charge attached on by the rental organization.

    Saving money on Accommodations

    Regarding the matter of efficient facilities, inns are still a portion of the least expensive beds nearby. However, while being an individual from the Hostelling International system used to be the sign of a respectable lodging, that is no more the case. Most autonomous inns have generally as exclusive expectations, and they are frequently all the more fascinating and fun. The most ideal approach to discover lodgings nowadays is through

    Another approach to rest modestly is to lease a bed in somebody’s home. is an incredible approach to discover such facilities, with its broad rundown of alternatives going from futons in the parlor to whole flats. You can read audits to verify it matches what you’re searching for, and it’s additionally moderately safe, as money never exchanges hands (installment is taken care of by means of the site).

    Staying in Touch

    Innovation is upsetting spending plan go in different courses too. Amid my initial excursions, voyagers would assemble at AmExCo workplaces to share data and gather mail from friends and family back home. Today, even cybercafes are getting to be dated, as most youthful explorers convey cell phones, tablets or portable workstations and join with Wi-Fi in either bistros or inns.

    For corresponding with individuals back home, cellphones are shabby and simple to purchase, notwithstanding for a short excursion. Be that as it may, the best arrangement is to make telephone calls by means of the Internet. On the off chance that both sides have iPhones and access to Wi-Fi, you can appreciate a FaceTime association over the road or over the sea for nothing. Something else, Skype is a decent and modest standby.

    Visits & Memories

    One late improvement in Europe is the approach of free strolling visits. While the visit in fact doesn’t cost anything, aides work singularly on tips (and they make a point to help you to remember that). At first I wasn’t hot on these “free” visits, as aides—for the most part expat understudies who have remembered a script—stress stories over the entirely scholarly and are known not a few freedoms with authentic occasions and characters. In any case, they’re still agreeable, and for voyagers on a financial plan, they give a moderate approach to become more acquainted with a spot.

    One thing I generally urge youthful voyagers to do is to keep a diary (or nowadays, a web journal). As a travel author and instructor, one of my most loved revelations is that the diary sections I composed as a scruffy 20-year-old in 1975 still reverberate with the by and large considerably less-scruffy 20-year-old American investigating Europe in 2013. Today the same immortal enchantment is there—it’s only a ton more advantageous and agreeable to discover.

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