January in Australia

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Hi all, I am currently mulling over quitting my job at the end of this year, and taking some time to travel. Id love to wait until Summer to do this, but I dont want to be in this job for that long, nor out of a job for that long.

Im currently 23/M, and have never really traveled alone. So preferably , Id love to be surrounded by people my age in hostels etc.

Anyone have any ideas?- Currently from the Detroit area.

I was debating between

1)California road trip
3)Central Europe

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  1. TravelDirectory.com.au says:

    In the event that you’ve come to Australia in January, then you’ve made it here amidst the mid year months. The nation is covered in daylight. On account of the sheer magnificence of the season, shabby flights to Australia will be harder to discover. Be that as it may, if daylight and more daylight is what you’re after, then jumping on a plane as of now of year will be justified regardless of the expense.

    You can do pretty much anything amid this season of year, from going to shorelines to trekking the Outback. There’s dependably a decent Australia visit to browse. With respect to settlement, the inns in Australia will be more pressed than ordinary, so make arrangements well ahead of time.

    January Weather in Australia

    Regarding the matter of the climate in Australia, there can be critical contrasts from north to south. Simply observe Darwin versus Hobart underneath. You’ll have to think seriously about your primary destination when arranging your Australia occasion

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