Heading to Vietnam for 3 weeks and plan to work my way up the coast

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As the title says I'm heading to Vietnam for around 3 weeks, in February next year. There's the obvious stuff that you have to do and see such as: the war museumthe, Chu Chi tunnels and Ha Long Bay. Is there anything that perhaps is not as well known/publicized to is worth the effort to see/do? I'm up for just about anything while I'm over there, so any ideas would be great. Have previously traveled to Bali and Singapore, and am originally from Australia. I don't have a lot of money to play around with, this is more of a backpacking trip. If any more detail is needed let me know 🙂



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    Open doors for willful work are very restricted in Vietnam as there are such a variety of expert improvement staff based here.

    For data, pursue up the full rundown of nongovernment associations (NGOs) at the NGO Resource Center, which keeps a database of the greater part of the NGOs helping Vietnam. Administration Civil International has connections to alternatives in Vietnam, including the SOS Village (www.sos-childrensvillages.org) in Viet Tri, north of Hanoi, and the Friendship Village, built up by veterans from both sides to help casualties of Agent Orange. Then again have a go at reaching the accompanying associations on the off chance that you need to help somehow.

    You can give your abilities, time or cash to KOTO, which helps give road kids vocation opportunities in its eateries in Hanoi or HCMC; a three-month least responsibility is required.

    Volunteers for Peace is continually searching for volunteers to help in a halfway house on the edges of Hanoi.

    Worldwide associations offering positions in Vietnam incorporate Voluntary Service Overseas in the UK, Australian Volunteers International and Volunteer Service Abroad in New Zealand. The UN’s volunteer system points of interest are accessible at http://www.unv.org. Other volunteer locales incorporate http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org, which has a showing project in Vietnamese shelters, http://www.idealist.org and http://www.goabroad.com.


    There’s some easygoing work accessible in Western-possessed bars and eateries all through the nation. This is of the trade out hand mixed bag, that is, working without research material. Plunge schools and enterprise sports masters will dependably require educators, however for most voyagers the primary work opportunities are showing an outside dialect.

    Searching for occupation is a matter of making an inquiry or two – employments are once in a while promoted.


    English is by a wide margin the most well known remote dialect with Vietnamese understudies. There’s some interest for Mandarin and French as well.

    Private dialect focuses (US$10 to US$18 every hour) and home coaching (upwards of US$15 every hour) are your most logical option for educating work. You’ll get paid more in HCMC or Hanoi than in the territories.

    Government-run colleges in Vietnam additionally procure some outside instructors. Pay is by and large around US$7 to US$12 every hour, except advantages, for example, free lodging and boundless visa recharges are normally tossed in.


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