My wife and I are going on an LSD Trip to the USA and we need your input

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Hi all

My, wife and I are going to the USA for an LSD Trip – where "LSD" stands for "Look, See and Decide" . Were arriving on the 29th October and were leaving on the 15th November so thats just over two weeks. We live in South Africa and were considering emigrating to another English speaking country. Weve already visited the UK and we have Australia next on our list of places to look at.

Our intent is to get a feel for what it would be like to live in the USA. We realize that every city is different so wed like to see as many cities as possible. But we cant rush each city either or we wont get the feel of the city. So were torn between seeing as much as possible but also staying in the same city for as long as possible. We want to background it all – big city living and countryside relaxing. Sports, movies, Broadway shows, trains, busses, driving, sport, relaxing, the lot. Were also going to check out the cost of everyday living (groceries, entertainment, etc) plus prices of houses, cars, schooling and university.

Weve spent a lot of time on Wikivoyage so were getting an understanding of the more practical aspects of travelling in the USA.

The advice we need relates to what can we do to get a feel for each city. Spending time in diners, shopping malls, parks etc will help us. But anything specific in each town?

Weve booked our flights into New Yorks JFK and were flying back out of the same airport. Thats the only commitment weve got at this stage. The rest of our itinerary looks something like this divided almost equally between east coast and west coast (doing central America would probably be too rushed):

East Coast

New York City for 4 days. Well do all the tourist things like American Museum of Natural History, Statue of Liberty, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, Central Park, One of the tall buildings, like Empire State or One World Trade Center, and quite a few more. Are there any sports games on during that weekend worth watching?

Well then train from NYC to Washington DC to background a train ride and see some of the countryside.

Washington DC for 2 days
See the White House and spend some time wandering the National Mall. Looking for pointers here since November will be quite cold so Im assuming that the parks wont be that busy. Anyone know of any festivals or sports games on that we can go see?

Well then fly to San Diego.

West Coast:

San Diego 1 day
Spend a day in San Diego. What is there to do in San Diego?

Rent a car to drive to LA

Los Angeles 2 days
Something showbiz related, definitely (cant go to Hollywood without passing though something "showbizzy"). Universal Studios is something were considering. Hollywood Walk of Fame, Getty Center for some art. LA is apparently also good for food (among the best in the country according to wikivoyage.

Were thinking of starting an RV/Campervan holiday from here onwards. Yosemite or Sequoia National Park 2 or 3 days
Drive to either Sequoia National Park or Yosemite National Park and stay a night or two there (we really want to see those giant redwoods.) Can we park an RV and sleep over in one of these parks?

After enjoying some relaxing time in nature, head back to the city lifestyle: on to San Francisco and drop off the RV.

San Francisco 2 days
Attractions were considering: Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge (we love architecture and engineering), some local music in the evenings. Possibly 2 days. After San Francisco we start heading home. Well fly back to NY for one last rest day.

Thanks for your tips! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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  1. says:

    Look for Aliens and discover Area 51

    Truth be told, The Extraterrestrial Highway is really exhausting. In any case, in case you’re searching for some peculiar delight to affirm your generalization of “option” America, this is it! You know it’s a vacation spot when local people grasp the fun and the state government play alongside the trick by renaming the street. None of this diminishes the appeal. The halting point here is Rachael where you can have an outsider meat burger and get a guide (see photograph) to locate the back passageway of Area 51. It’s no joke however: in the event that you cross the limit line, you will be extradited and neither you or your family will ever be permitted back into US! We lost our valor when two dark SUVs turned out to welcome us.

    Appreciate a smaller than normal street trip through upstate New York

    At the point when individuals consider New York, they definitely see the splendid lights of the city, however the state offers a great deal more. Take a small street excursion up to West Point Military Academy and visit the grounds – evidently they have 19 minutes to have supper. From that point you can make a beeline for Albany, the state capital, which is such a striking city and one of my top picks. It has a free 9/11 remembrance presentation and in addition shows in ‘The Egg’. There’s likewise a shockingly solid Russian legacy in this some piece of the state and they regularly have social merriments consistently. From here, drive crosswise over to Cooperstown to visit the baseball corridor of popularity, see a school diversion at Syracuse University, or relax in the Finger Lakes for the weekend.

    Choose whether the Grand Canyon is deserving of its title

    Large portions of the “top” aides on the Internet will list Grand Canyon as number 1 and it’s anything but difficult to see why – this is a wonderful website and merits “epic” to depict it. Be that as it may, for me, it was all that I expected and did not surpass my officially exclusive standards. I know this is questionable and individuals have kept in touch with me about it. To be reasonable, it most likely ought to be higher in the rundown. I just invested a restricted measure of energy there and it hasn’t left an enduring impression. It’s still an absolute necessity see so take a helicopter visit on the off chance that you have the cash or visit the sky stroll for a much less expensive and close second decision. Others prescribe that you can just really encounter it on a trek. As a slight change of rigging… in case you’re anyplace close Flagstaff one night when you go to visit the Grand Canyon, head up to Lowell Observatory as they put on an okay night for individuals and let you look through their telescope

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