Need help planning exciting/pampering Honeymoon in East Asia

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(Im gonna build this as a vision of good from the Guidelines)

My fiance and I have traveled to only a couple of countries in Europe (England, France and Italy) and I have traveled to Korea and Australia, but were looking for an adventure thats new for both of us.

Length: We are really flexible on this, but were thinking maybe about… 10 days?

Budget: Im going to take airfare out of the equation, and set perhaps a $4000 budget on top of that? But I can be flexible as long as I know what Im planning for.

Climate: Were hoping for some of those beautiful beaches (and resorts) that I see in this subreddit frequently. I, however, also love the idea of a beautiful big city. I really want to visit Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore, but maybe I have to save that for another trip… (I also keep thinking of that stretch of scenes in Skyfall… the Casino, and the lights! So amazing!) I hear that April/May is a good time to visit these areas, as its right before monsoon season?

Ideally, were looking for maybe an island resort that isnt wildly expensive, and maybe be able to quickly hop to some beautiful locales that are worth exploring.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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  1. says:

    Hamilton Island v Hayman Island?

    THERE is a fight fermenting in the Whitsundays where two resorts are competing for style matchless quality and all the more significantly, Aussie and worldwide resort occasion dollars.

    After a 80 million dollar refurb, yes, EIGHTY, Hayman Island is ripping at back to the major association.

    The island has had a couple of crazy update endeavors previously, however this time the reproduction bet seems to be paying off.

    Hayman has been assumed control by the worldwide gathering One & Only (who have resort lodgings in the Maldives, Dubai, Mauritius et al) and who, thus, has transformed the isle into a smooth get-away swan.

    With Qantas additionally flying once more into the Whitsundays (arriving on Hamilton Island following a ten year nonappearance) the Hayman chieftains like the thought about our premium aircraft close by to administration a premium resort.

    Restored and present day, Hayman caters for ALL sorts. Families included.

    In the interim, qualia on Hamilton Island is still the mega, uber gem in the Whitsundays up-business sector resort crown.

    Peaceful, unassuming, quiet, gobsmackingly lovely, with every “structure” completely expelled from the following, qualia is an alternate affair by and large than Hayman.

    On the off chance that anything, the two mega glitz and pricey resorts are giving the Whitsundays an extravagance occasion fortune for both local and worldwide occasion producers.

    Here’s our report card …

    Stunning: The Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef


    • Hayman Island is a private island resort in the Great’s heart Barrier that has been reconsidered, presenting new settlement, overhauled “greater” spaces with more contemporary and cleaner looking stylistic theme.

    • The configuration, insides and scene are a joint effort between Kerzner International Development, the same group behind One & Only Reethi Rah in The Maldives and in addition One & Only The Palm in Dubai.

    • Hayman has expanded estimating in visitor rooms, suites, manors and penthouses, set among extensive pools, lavish patio nurseries and two kilometers of white sand shorelines.

    Genuinely chic: One&Only Hayman Island

    • Almost 50% of the settlement is suite, estate or penthouse. Families are provided food for, including a decision of 5 determinations of eateries from Italian, Pan-Asian, beachfront loose eating to a super smorgasbord brekkie to the smartypants eatery called Fire. (Not overlooking there’s the best room administration burger!)

    • There are three particular ranges of the resort, all intended to exploit sees — whether shoreline, pool or island shrubbery life.

    • The famous One & Only Hayman Pool — it’s been there since opening in the 80s — has moved into the “now” and has been given a contemporary vibe with private cabanas, daybeds and a bar/munchers called ‘The Rocks’.

    • The recently outlined Pool Wing components all-suite encounters (evaluated from $980) all disregarding the pool and offering sea sees. A few suites even permit visitors to hop straight into the water (from $1350 every night) from their own pool patio. Since WOULD be entertaining.

    • The accumulation of Kerry Hill-planned shoreline manors (attempt $1990 every night) and a detached private Beach House ($3700 every night) is ideal for (well-to-do) visitors who need to be specifically on the shoreline.

    Event holidaying; an executioner shoreline manor on One & Only Hayman Island estimated at $1990. Every night.

    Event holidaying; an executioner shoreline manor on One & Only Hayman Island estimated at $1990. Per night.Source:Supplied

    • There’s likewise another spa including a ‘Mani: Pedi Cure studio by Bastien Gonzalez’ (he’s huge in the realm of hands and feet we’re told) and another magnificence and hair salon. Exercise center monsters will be excited with a brand hitting new (and enormous) wellness focus.

    • All of these per-night costs are gobsmacking when you first perused them yet bear in mind there are dependably bundles accessible that ought to ease the burden.

    The astounding Lagoon room at One&Only Hayman Island.

    The astounding Lagoon room at One&Only Hayman Island.Source:Supplied


    • qualia is the gated and essentially grand get-away group on Hamilton Island where the words “extravagance” and “rich” are only the path qualian’s similar to it.

    • Distinctively Australian in structural engineering, every private structure (all accompany their own particular private gold surrey to get you around the island) catch a perspective of some Whitsunday ‘blue’, whether you’re in a “Leeward” Pavilion (estimated from $975 per structure, every night) or a “Windward” one-room structure from $1525 every night.

    • The ultra selective qualia Beach House, concealed in an extremely isolates area, is on the northern most purpose of the island and is valued from, swallow, $3500 every night.

    Astounding dusk on Pebble shoreline at Qualia

    • qualia’s 60 structures are all private — and come complete with a container of chilled champagne (French, obviously) — and regardless of what you need or need (like my frantic solicitation of a little jar of hairspray) it was there, by means of a golf carriage, in ten minutes.

    • Each structure (it’s a tyke free resort, coincidentally) confronts the water, encompassed by tropical bushland with continuous perspectives over the ocean and the characteristic tones of timber, stone and glass mirror a peacefulness you need and need when you are paying boatloads of money.

    So this is it . .. Qualia flawlessness

    • Once you are roosted in one of these structures, EVERYTHING is available to you from kayaks to surf skies to the stunning pool and bar settled alongside qualia’s private Pebble Beach.

    • actually, you barely need to move out of the qualia area — despite the fact that whatever remains of Hamilton Island is available to you.

    • The super a la mode Yacht Club, a large number of bars and eateries, a round of golf on Dent Island — it’s all there. In the event that you can simply be tried detracting your self from THIS perspective underneath!!!

    qualia on Hamilton Island: Room (or a structure for this situation) with a perspective you never need to take off.

    qualia on Hamilton Island: Room (or a structure for this situation) with a perspective you never need to leave.Source:Supplied

    The Long Pavillion: the “anteroom” that welcomes visitor when they touch base at qualia. Umm, better believe it!!!

    The Long Pavillion: the “hall” that welcomes visitor when they touch base at qualia. Umm, yeah!!!Source:News Limited

    By and large, both Hayman and qualia stink of immaculate extravagance. Administration, sustenance and the luxurious yet cool lodgings are genuinely heavenly.

    Both have raised the Whitsundays five-star resort bar, bigtime, and both location two entirely unexpected sorts of luxury explorers.

    Hayman Island-goers: It is open for a wide range of business from families to sweethearts to gatherings of companions to corporate occasions, with every sort of convenience sufficiently far from the other so you won’t need to hear children sprinkling around in the pool. In the event that that is you’re decision.

    qualia-goers: Honeymooners, sweethearts, couples or little gatherings of companions yearning for a calm, provocative, casual and sentimental getaway (with a chopper outing over the Reef or an endeavor over to the detached Whitehaven shoreline, both total must-do’s)

    Whichever you pick, you win in any case.

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