Planning a trip for 2 weeks, starting point is Brisbane

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Im going to be in Australia for about 4 weeks in total, end of November to 20th of December. Im flying into Brisbane, the on the way home Im flying from Sydney.

For the first 2 weeks Ill be in Sunshine coast with a group of friends. I imagine well get a lot of the tourist points in Brisbane and Sunshine coast cover in those 2 weeks. From about the 8th of December to the 20th of December Ill be on my own.

So far what I have decided is to head to the Gold Coast and spend a few days there. Visit Byron Bay and Fraser Island are what a few friends have recommended me. Anything else here worth doing?

From there Im undecided. Id like to spend a day or 2 in Sydney to do all the touristy bits, Im not big into cities so a day or two would be more than enough. So I think Ill have a week to either travel from Gold Coast to Sydney stopping along the way or travel north and see the barrier reef and fly to Sydney.

What would people recommend? North or South? And where would you stop along the way. Im into hiking, cycling, kayaking…. Pretty much any outdoor activity. Any thoughts or help would be great, thanks!


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    Brisbane’s buzzing with inventive approaches to spend your days. Become more acquainted with where local people eat, drink and play in the internal city and close-by urban towns. Douse up our subtropical atmosphere, investigate the stream, parks and open air spaces, or dive into a logbook of globally acclaimed expressions, social and donning occasions. It’s an incredible spot to engross the children, or invest energy without them! You’ll find a best’s portion eateries in the nation and in addition a dynamic unrecorded music, contemporary workmanship and exhibition scene. You can blend with local people at weekend markets, search for universal brands and front line neighborhood fashioner mold, or scour obsolescent shops for simply the right token of your sit tight. Whatever your pleasure, Brisbane will motivate.

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