What are your experiences traveling another continent on bike

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Im looking to leave for a few months, and was thinking about traveling on bike on a long distance for some time. Camping if need be. Looking for general ideas, maybe details, budget to plan, tips, blogs

I was thinking about Mongolia/China, Australia (too hot?), BC/Alaska, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe or Scandinavia… Looking forward to see thing grandiose, meeting friendly people.. 😀

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One Response to “What are your experiences traveling another continent on bike”

  1. TravelDirectory.com.au says:

    To what extent would you like to go?

    While a large number of the online journals or sites you’ll visit will discuss biking far and wide, it’s essential to perceive that in light of the fact that you can’t take three years off to bicycle all around, there’s dependably the alternative of going for a month – or even just a week or two. Like whatever other excursion, you simply need to set aside a few minutes you assign is adequate for the separation you need to travel.

    Where would you like to go?

    Since individuals have been going by bicycle for quite a long while now, it’s nothing unexpected there are a lot of maps of bicycle courses everywhere throughout the world. These are exceptionally valuable when you’re arranging your own bicycle visit. On the off chance that you incline toward, you can take guided bicycle visits too. Make a point to go where you really need to go, not exactly where the trails are simple. What’s more, keep in mind to consider the climate conditions at the season of year you anticipate going. When you knew where you need to go, look at these locales: Adventure Cycling Association (North America), Planning your own European Bicycle Tour, Spice Roads (Asia), TDA Global Cycling (Africa), DuVine Adventures (South America) and Cycling Tours Australia and New Zealand.

    Perused more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-tips-and-articles/76577#ixzz3oKVN9o

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