10 days. Married. Traveling Solo in March. Where to go

Posted on January 19, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

My wife recently surprised me by telling me she was sending me on a 10 day trip, anywhere I want to go. Short story is I used to travel a lot before we got married and love making photographs of beautiful landscapes. I havent been able to do that for about 6 years now so she wanted me to have the chance to do it again and to get some rest from work and the kids. This March. Awesome wife. Now… where to go?

A little info on me:

Age: 36, male

Previously Travelled in: Italy, Australia (lived there for 6 years), New Zealand, Ireland

Interest this trip: Id prefer going somewhere I havent been before, somewhere the flights dont steal too many of my 10 days (Ill be flying from/returning to DFW airport), somewhere beautiful (for the photography), and somewhere away from the noise of daily life (Id like to be able to rest and get refreshed while Im away too). Good food is a plus, but not required.

Budget: Initially we thought we had 150K airline miles to spend, but like I said its been a while, and upon logging in, those miles have expired. So somewhere in the $2500, or less range would be fantastic. Most likely Ill be finding an airbnb setup wherever I go to save a bit.

Current Considerations: Ill be traveling mid-March which in America will be in the middle of Spring Break. I dont want to end up where the plethora of spring breakers are. I dont necessarily have to travel overseas, but thats always appealing. Im currently looking at 1) British Columbia, somewhere near Victoria. 2) Fogo Island, Newfoundland. 3) Iceland (my only concern here is I would like to drive the ring road if I go here, but not sure that would be so restful). 4) Australia (its like home and I know it so well, but Ive already seen so much of it).

Thanks for your ideas all!

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