3 week trip trying to decide between going to Portugal

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Long time lurker wanted to get /fellow travellers opinion. I am currently living in Chicago about to start a new job. I am trying to go somewhere in the down time. I was looking at going somewhere different from where Ive been in the past.

Length: Roughly 3 weeks. before starting a new job and am trying to go somewhere in the down time. Where Ive been: Lived in Southeast Asia – Japan – China – NZ – Australia – France – England – Costa Rica – Colombia – Ecuador – Peru – Argentina – Bolivia – Chile – Sierra Leone – Kenya – Tanzania – UAE – Oman

Climate: I prefer something warmer which I think both areas will be in mid-April to early May. Interests: I love food. It can be cheap or moderately priced but I love to try local cuisine. Outdoor environments to go on long or short hikes and enjoy scenery. I enjoy cities to an extent. A bit of Architecture is interesting though eventually it gets dull. Budget: Im hoping to spend no more than $3k usd budget. If I can spend less great! Prior Research:

Portugal, Spain, Morocco – Very diverse scenery, cultures and foods between the 3. Slightly more expensive. I do speak a fair amount of Spanish. Mostly cities and small towns, not to much hiking. Istanbul to Vienna (Balkans) – Tons of great outdoor scenery and small towns. Food from what Ive heard is similar across the board (correct me if Im wrong). Cheaper. Further spaced out.

Buses, trains, maybe a car here and there will be my way of getting around. Im very interested in both areas in regards to the scenery, cities, culture, and history. Hoping to gain some advice and ideas for a preference to either of these locations. Anything would be greatly appreciated!

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