A few questions about a working holiday in Australia

Posted on April 11, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

1) In regards to health insurance, Americans are required to have their own health insurance, right? Would I purchase the health insurance in the states or in Australia? How expensive is health insurance for a pretty basic amount of coverage?

2) How hard is it to find work in major cities? I searched the subreddit and google for this answer but kind of got conflicting responses. Will most jobs pay you enough to afford a room share and fun shit (alcohol, doing things within the city, nightlife stuff) while still saving money for travelling?

3) At some point Id like to get a motorcycle in Australia and I already have my Class M license in the states. Will my license transfer over?

4) And my final question is kind of vague but are motorcycle insurance rates somewhat on par with the states? Kind of a hard question to answer but Im just looking for a general answer!

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