After a spending a year on a working holiday visa in Australia, I am now moving to NZ for another working holiday

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So my boyfriend and I are close to completing our year in Australia and we are making the move to NZ and are lacking a lot of info! We need to know:

What are the things we must do upon arrival?
– I know well have to register for a tax number and open a bank account, is there a medicare/nhs type thing we need to do? Or anything else we need/should sort out?
– Is there a better bank to go with? Anywhere without fees?

Where should we live?
Im an accounts payable officer, so Im assuming one of the cities would be best for me to find work, my boyfriend works in hospo/construction.

We spent most of our time in Melbourne whilst in Oz and absolutely loved it, so is there anywhere that draws similarities from there? And once weve chosen a city, is there certain suburbs we should look at? Or is it better living in the CBD? We like somewhere a bit quirky, anywhere with vegan/veggie restaurants is a bonus.

Where to find accommodation?
So weve noticed NZ doesnt have gumtree which has left us feeling a little lost, where is the best place to find houseshares or apartments etc?

Misc Qs
– In Oz we get tax returned in July, is this the same case in NZ? Were from the UK and we dont get that there so not entirely sure how it works in NZ
– In Oz we also have to pay into a superannuation which we will get back once we leave, is there something similar to this in NZ?

Any other tips welcome!

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