Any advice on budgeting for a two month trip in australia

Posted on March 30, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

One of my friends recently suggested we go for an extended holiday to australia for approximately two months, which i am all for, but i have no idea here to start with budgeting for a trip of this length. Generally, i know that things in australia tend to cost more than in england (home) but the currency rate is about 0.5 GBP to 1 AUD.
Any general advice on travel budgets is very welcome, but if you guys have advice specific to australia (no idea where in australia yet). I have family in perth and a few friends living in and around melbourne so those two locations may take up a chunk of the trip.
We both drive so hiring a car or something may also be viable.
I have been on an extended trip to mexico with about 8 other people that cost be about 4000 pounds for insurance and stuff, ith a portion of that money going into our budget, but with it being a few years ago i dont know what our total budget was per person. I have a figure in my head of roughly 1500 pounds for travel costs there and back and in country, no idea about accommodation costs, and probably looking at anywhere between 1000 and 2000 for food?
There will be two of us going and we are pretty comfortable with sharing rooms and stuff, so some costs will be split.
But yeah, any specific advice or even just places to look for more info would be great. Sorry if i invoke wrath for not being specific enough.

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