Buy/sell a car in New Zealand for 6 weeks

Posted on March 15, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

I just want to know how easy it would be to buy and sell a cheap car in New Zealand in September and October.

Right now Im looking at tickets to NZ and Oz as Im thinking of leaving my job to travel around the world for some time starting with a work-holiday in Australia. On the way to Australia Im thinking of stopping over in New Zealand. Oh and theres some good deals for flights going that way right now for September anyways. I have 2 options, either spend 4.5 weeks or 6.5 weeks. Id love it to be more but Id like to get into Melbourne before the summer starts to get a head start on the work-holiday thing.

So the idea is to either spend 4.5 weeks taking buses, hitchiking, whatever else or if I went with the 6.5 week option I would like to buy a car. A lot of the other comments about NZ mention those tourist buses but I really am not into that sort of thing as I find them limiting in where theyd take me. Especially considering that NZ is all about the outdoors so its not jumping from city to city, you have to get to specific rural locations. Plus the prices are really not that great for them. So instead I would imagine spending like $1500-1800 on some cheap car would be a better option, especially if I could be able to sell it at the end of the trip even it its for a small loss.

Do you think it would be feasible to buy and sell a car in that short amount of time? Is it easy to find one quickly and sell it quickly? Id be going there mid-September and leaving at the end of October. And do you think I could find something for around the prices I mentioned above that would be decent enough for the trip?(Im not looking for a camper van as I believe those are more expensive $3-4k+, but something like a station wagon)

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