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I am currently in beautiful Sydney, have been here for a couple of weeks and in no great rush to leave. However, I do need to start making plans on where to go next. I know this is nothing new, but what I am concerned most about is the seasons!

I have a working holiday visa and Sydney was my first destination in Australia, so I have plenty of time (and luckily I do have a half decent amount of money saved up so in no rush to get a job, although I will run out of money if I stay in Oz long enough).

There are so many places I want to see while I am here – all the usual East Coast places like Cairns, Byron Bay and Noosa. As well as Melbourne and potentially some places in SA and NT. I would also like to spend a month or two in New Zealand. The issue Im having is that if I leave here and fly to Cairns, Im conscious that it isnt the greatest time of year to background QLD, and I dont want to be caught in a race against the weather.

Somebody here mentioned its a great time to see the Outback and recommended going to Adelaide and travelling north from there. Although I figure if Im going to Adelaide it would be silly not to stop in Melbourne on the way. Plus Im really keen on spending some time in Tasmania.

Things Im really interested in doing – nature stuff, scuba diving/snorkeling, anything to do with animals, general sightseeing and free activities. But I am alone so would love to meet some people along the way. Thanks for any help!


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