Does anyone have any background traveling with Codeine

Posted on March 4, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Hi all, Im off on a holiday for about 10 weeks. Im leaving in a month. Ill be stopping in South Korea for a week, and then heading onto Germany. From there Ill be spending about 8-9 weeks traveling through Central and Southern Europe. I may end up in Spain and the Netherlands for a bit too, but Im not really sure yet. Ive looked up the legality of codeine in potential destinations, and it seems most of them list codeine as a controlled substance (similar to its classification in my home country of Australia). Nonetheless, I figured it would be helpful to ask if any others have any background carrying codeine through the above countries and regions. I take codeine fairly regularly (3-5 days a week) for a chronic pain condition. So Id be travelling with a decent amount of the stuff. Probably something like 200 tablets, some at 30mg and some at a lower strength. Is customs going to give me a hard time with this in any particular country? For example, I do understand that codeine is technically illegal in Greece. Ill certainly be avoiding the UAE and the Middle East as well. Ill obviously have a doctors letter and copies of my prescriptions to accompany my medication. Any personal experiences or advice for me? The alternative is that I taper off codeine until I leave for me trip, which is not an ideal option. Id rather not be in severe pain while Im traveling.

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