First time getting my Swedish Work Visa

Posted on January 12, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

So I am 18, my best friend in Sweden wants to pay for my ticket to come to Sweden. Ive learnt the language when I was ten on my own. Ive always wanted to move there basically. Ive never flown over-seas and its a little daunting. But I am about to receive my passport, and as a citizen of Australia, our relations to Sweden are pretty great! (regarding we live polar opposites of the world). I will be living with my best friend there, and her family also near the capital Stockholm.

I just need advice from anyone whos had background getting a one year work & holiday visa. Should I tell the Swedish embassy that I wont need much money to support myself since I wont be hiring out a hotel or apartment or having to buy my own food since Ill be staying with a close friend and her family? And I will be able to easily get a part time job as I have background in hospitality and cafes ect. And Im a rookie 3D & concept artist for Video Games also.

As a 18 year old, its fair to say Im not loaded with cash, but I genuinely want nothing more than to leave here and be a part of Europe. Maybe even become a citizen of Sweden some day. Thank you to anyone who took some time out of their day to read this 🙂 Have a good one

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