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Hey fellow travellers! I have a few things Id like to find out about Australia. Im from England, currently working near Venice and am looking to go to Australia at the end of the summer. First thing is, how easy is it to get a working visa or is there another visa Id need to get? (looking to stay around a year). Second thing is, I heard that you have to have a certain amount in your bank account to get a visa, how much is this? Also, with this amount, is it possible to borrow the money from my parents just so I can get a visa and then when I receive one, can I just give the money back to them? Last thing and the one Im MOST interested in is ,I heard the pay in Aus is really good for a Brit, I could be doing manual labour (or something of the sort) and be getting roughly 40 Aus dollars an hour which would work out to around £25 an hour which is very good!! Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help and happy travels!!

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