Is this the impossible itinerary

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Hello all

I was looking at doing a three week trip to Asia. Looking at a map going north to south, I thought I would like to hit: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. I researched airfare and found a round trip from the US to Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur to the US for a mere $500, all for three weeks (April 13-May 4). I was pretty much stoked to the say the least.

This is where I hit an obstacle. I cant ever get myself to travel alone, I asked almost everyone I know who would be open to travelling and everyone has an excuse. So Ive been posting online looking for a travel buddy (Couchsurfing, LonelyPlanet), but I cant seem to find anyone who is interested in the itinerary or has the similar itinerary (feel free to hit me up if interested :D). Not sure why everyone likes to separate Asia into China, Japan, and SEA. With little research, I used SkyScanner and found airline tickets for cheap between the cities I mentioned above. I sort of get the impression my itinerary isnt very common.

Either way, here I am looking for advice on whether I should alter my route or stick with it. Also, ANY advice about the cities I mentioned above is greatly appreciated. If you havent realized this by now, Im into big cities, flashing lights, and getting a taste of history and experiencing a different culture than mine all at once.

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