Just finished school and want to travel solo in the later half of this year

Posted on January 29, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Just finished school and dont have anything Im passionate enough about to want to study at uni so Im going to travel. Most likely will be solo unless a friend can save money in time. Im considering Europe, America and possibly Asia (not sure because of language barrier) and not sure how long I would like to go for. Any advice on things like where to go, places/types of places to stay, how much money i should aim to have saved etc. would be appreciated.
I have $10000, AUD at the moment Also I dont eat animal products, if anyone has advice on traveling with a similar diet that would be very welcome 🙂 Please dont let the fact that I might eat differently to you deter you from posting some advice. Im just a normal guy that wants some help 🙂

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