One Month. £1500. No Idea. Help

Posted on April 17, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Come this summer (14th June to 14th July, to be precise) I have exactly one month of NOTHING with which I would like to travel.

Background info: Male student of 19 attending uni in London. I have worked a part-time job and saved around £1500 which I am fully prepared to spend on this one month of travel. I will most likely be travelling alone.

Time scale: It should be considered that I am organising this with less than 2 months to go, so I must be realistic with logistics and how quickly I can get things planned and booked!

Past Travel: I am looking to go further afield than just touring the European cities. I have done the likes of France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, already and so would like to visit a different continent. In terms of Africa, I have done Egypt, Zambia and Botswana already, but if it is believed I could get organised in time I would love to look at doing subsaharan Africa again. Eliminated options: Australia & Iceland (these have been planned with friends for after uni).

Interests: In order of preference, 1) wildlife/nature, 2) photography and 3) culture. I am not a big party-goer, but would happily get up at 4am to photography a sunrise! Thanks for the help, and please ask questions if Ive missed anything out!

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