RTW: UK couple planning a big trip and would love ideas (+ working visas tips

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My girlfriend and I are both 27 and have been working/saving for the past couple of years for a RTW trip before we return to the serious topics such as home owning, children, jobs, general growing up. Were currently from the South of England (UK), and have a bucket list of key countries, and would love to potentially take up some work for several months where possible to truly background a country (Aus/NZ?).

She and/or I have already traveled to: Most of Western Europe, USA (specifically California – but will be going back), South Africa, Mozambique.

Length: Anywhere from 6 months – 2+ years, all depending on visas, finding work, budgets. Ideally at least a year.

Budget: Were aiming to leave at the end of this year, and will have about £15000, each. (£30000/$43000?)

Countries, to visit: We have a key list of countries, and we know theyre expensive. But were happy living in budget accommodation to an extent (were not against backpackers, but would rather private rooms where possible). Canada, USA (especially Alaska and Hawaii), Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Japan (poss), Sri Lanka, Argentina, Peru, (any South America ideas) Galapagos Islands, Cuba, Mexico Etc. Whilst we know SE Asia is one of the cheapest RTW destinations, weve made other priorities this time.

Flights: Weve started looking into Alliance flights/RTW tickets. Beginning to worry if we should have finalized this already? Any ideas? We will probably plan a RTW ticket with key destinations and then use smaller return flights (and other transport) around those key stops to visit local countries.

Working: Were keen to work and background a country where possible. We know this is an option in Australia for Brits, and wed hoped Canada, but it would seem not upon research. New Zealand maybe? She is a secondary/College teacher, and I am a theatre technician (Lighting/Sound design etc – less sought after haha). Interests: Arts & Culture, Food, Outdoors activities (surfing/hiking/cycling), Beaches and warm climates (for chilling out) & snow and cold climates if picturesque, photography. Were only fluent in English, but can speak broken phrasebook French and a tiny bit of Spanish (currently learning).
We have natural concerns about safety and wellbeing, so if theres anywhere we shouldnt Air B&B let us know – our favorite way to stay somewhere as its cheap, nicer than the local hostels and you often get to meet great locals.

Thats about it! Let me know if you have any questions. All help, ideas and tips are gratefully received and appreciated. Thanks.

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