Some say that if you don’t travel enough, you’ll regret it at the end of your life

Posted on February 20, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

My boyfriend has spent most of his life in Sydney, Australia and has never travelled overseas. I have spent most of my life in Sydney, Australia as well but I have travelled overseas a few times. We decided a few weeks ago that well try our very best to travel somewhere overseas at the end of each year. I dont really have a preference of whether we take a "city break" or a "nature break" but my boyfriend has told me that he really would prefer it if we only went on "nature breaks." We went on a road trip here in Australia and he absolutely loved the quietness, the beautiful scenery, etc. I dont mind if he wants to only go on "nature breaks" but Im just a bit worried that hell regret it at the end of his life if he doesnt travel to cities enough – what do you all think? Also, are there any benefits of taking "nature breaks" instead of "city breaks"? And in cities, the number of things you can do are limitless – do you think my boyfriend will eventually get bored if he only takes "nature breaks" or is there so much beautiful scenery in this world for you to never get bored?

I would really appreciate your thoughts! 🙂

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