Train advice between Brussels

Posted on February 8, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

So the wife has a last-ish minute business trip to Brussels. Were taking the opportunity (and her free flight) to take a vacation.

We fly in and stay in Brussels for a few days. Our plan was to take a day trip to Bruges one of the days in Brussels. Next we were going to Amsterdam to stay the remainder of the trip. We were thinking about a day trip to The Hague and maybe Antwerp from Amsterdam while were there. The thing that is getting confusing is figuring out the best ways to get around from city to city. Are Eurail passes worth it? My wife is under 26 so I believe she can get a deal with the Go Pass in Belgium. Are there any restrictions as far as passes and what-trains-take-which-pass kind of thing? I dont want to book some hotels/air b&bs and then find out that the trains we booked are like an hour away. Thanks guys!

*edit upon some further research I stumbled up This seems to be a wellspring of train/travel advice throughout Europe. His basic overview was everything inside of Belgium (Brussles, Bruges, etc…) as well as Brussels to Amsterdam is pretty much flat rate and you just show up and get on the next train. Does anyone have any background with this/is this correct info? This seems like the easiest/less stressful way to go about everything.

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