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What are some places you have stopped (gas stations, rest stops, fast food, etc.) where you have felt on the brink of immediate danger, or been involved in some sort of altercation with locals?

I will start out by giving my own background in the south-western corner of Memphis TN. Driving down to Panama City Beach, FL for spring break. We stopped at a gas station to fill up and use the restrooms. It was sometime between midnight and 2:30, and it was honestly the most reckless decision we probably made on the entire trip (including all of the drunken debauchery that occurred at PCB). We got out of the car and pretty quickly realized we were the only white people at this gas station. There were 4 of us (myself, my buddy, and both of our girlfriends) in the car and we immediately became the object of everyone elses attention. Mostly just a lot of mean-mugging, but once we got inside we started getting all kinds of comments (for the most part, couldnt tell what was being said) and my girlfriend had to fend off someone who tried to grab her butt, which she stayed very calm about at the time but was pretty freaked out by (as was I). In most other situations I would definitely have said/done something more drastic about it but given the situation I decided it was best to just keep her closer to me while we finished up our business and got out of there. The place was not crowded but we were outnumbered by a pretty good margin and if I had to guess, some of these people were probably carrying guns/knives. We very quickly got in and out of the bathrooms (probably should have held it and waited for a safer stop) and got the F*@k out of there. Im looking for other stories of travelers finding themselves in similar/worse situations arising from not being familiar with the area.

Edit: I have heard before that Gary, Indiana is another really bad place. So much so that truckers do their best to avoid driving through at all, and cops will pull people over just to tell them to not stop again, (even for red lights/stop signs) as people frequently get jumped in their cars. If anyone has any specific stories from anywhere outside of the south, I would be interested to hear them as well.

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