Traveling to Japan with a DUI

Posted on April 13, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Im an Australian so I dont actually have to apply for a visa, but Ive noticed that when you arrive in Japan you are given a landing card and one of the question asks "Have you ever been found guilty of a criminal case in Australia or Japan?"

Now I have a very low range DUI conviction from 3 years ago and was wondering whether that would classify as a "criminal" case?

Ive been searching for information on how to answer this question all day long, and all the answers seem to be very conflicting. Some people think you should be honest and tick yes, but then Ive read of some bad experiences that have come with ticking that box, while others just ticked no and experienced no problems at all seeing as it is difficult for another country to access your criminal record if its relatively minor. Im considering just leaving the box blank when it ultimately comes down to it and seeing what the immigration officer advises when I explain that I dont know whether DUI counts as a criminal offense or not.

Any advice is much appreciated, though, been stressing my brains out the last few days trying to figure this out.

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