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Posted on April 5, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Hey guys

This year I turn 21 and am wanting to travel through South America from Australia for a month.

I have a budget of 12-15k.

My mum however is giving me so much shit about it though, saying she wont sleep while Im gone because its so dangerous etc bla bla. We compromised by me agreeing to travel in a tour group – one of my questions is, are tour groups okay? Unfortunately none of my mates are game enough for the trip, all in University or cant get time off work.

I speak minimal Spanish but already speak a second language besides English so I know I will pick up Spanish easily (yes I know in Brazil they speak Portuguese not Spanish).

Besides that, its also my mums 40th this year and she kind of wants to travel somewhere together but refuses to do South America which pisses me off but each to their own. It is probably too late to book Europe and really dont want to do anything in Asia – potentially Japan but not as passionate about it as I am with South America. Any ideas as to where else we could venture?

America and Canada are not applicable!

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