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Me and the GF are heading off round the world at the start of next year. Were both from UK. After a month in S E Asia, well be landing in Australia.

Were thinking either a month in Australia or longer if we can find work and its enough to cover our stay there. The thng is, Australia is expensive and will eat into our savings weve made for the trip which is fine, but it gives us a dilemma. We will be travelling for at least 6 months but are flexible about doing more if it adds up.

Were both under 30 so will qualify for one of them special work visas but one of my friends who was just there for a year said she got stung on some tax thing (forgotten its name but id know it if prompted).

We get the feeling wed need around £1.5k a month (not inc flights, so just local travel, food, fun and accommodation) each in Aus compared to like not even half that in areas like S E asia.

Were both of the attitude we would quite like to work as long is it wasnt some stressful not very fun job as that defeats the object of going in the first place. Its a great way to meet people and background the true culture of a place.

Anyone got any good information about what to expect and what you think we should do? If we did go for it, how long do you think wed have to work to make spending money on a work visa etc. worth while? What sort of pay would a basic job get and how far would that take you in Aus?

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