4 Questions About Entrance Requirements to Australia (working holiday visa

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The "Working Holiday Visa (417)" requirements have a lot of specifics (some of which Ive included at the bottom), and for some reason Im having a hard time with this. Anyone care to help?

Question 1): Do I have to actually provide proof of funds in my account when I arrive? Ive read you need that for the visa application process, but once youre approved, youre approved and dont need to show it anymore.

Question 2): Im not being sponsored by work, Im going to roll in and then find any work I can. In this case, do I need and of the employer references, verification form, or bank statement?

Question 3): What the heck is a "certified copy" or passports and birth certificates? How does one certify a copy??

Question 4) I didnt keep my pay slips! I never have! I have a T4 for my taxes that I can get a "certified copy" of, once I figure out how to do that. Does anyone know whether theyd accept that??

Thanks everyone!

quoted text
â—¦ pay slips (must be supplied for all specified work performed from 31 August 2015) â—¦ group certificates â—¦ payment summaries â—¦ tax return â—¦ employer references â—¦ a completed employment verification form â—¦ Australian bank statement covering the period of declared specified work.
Your personal documents: • Certified copies of the biographical pages of the current passports or travel documents of all people included in the application (these are the pages with the holders photo and personal details and the issue/expiry dates). • A certified copy of your birth certificate showing both parents names. If you do not have a birth certificate and are unable to get one, you must provide a certified copy of the identification pages of at least one of the following documents: • Two recent passport-sized photographs (45 m x 35 mm). ◦ These photographs should be of the head and shoulders only against a plain background • Evidence of sufficient funds: certified copy of a bank statement showing you have access to funds of at least AUD 5000.
/>quoted text.

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