Backpack for 4 months – NZ and S

Posted on April 7, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Hey guys
Ive, seen similar questions about backpacks but I guess as Ill be moving around more I wanted to tailor my own. Ill be heading to Australia for about 5 months, then going onward to NZ for 1 and S.E Asia for 3. When Im in Australia Ill be settled in one city, so thats not an issue. I will go on small trips, but its the NZ-Asia backpacking Im curious about. What size backpack is best? I saw people say 40L for Asia, the lighter the better, but Ill also be going to NZ which has all kinds of weather. A woman Ive contacted is selling an Osprey Crescent 60L for 130$ which seems like a good deal…. Even if I have it, I dont have to fill it right? Good deal, or should I still aim for a 40L for 4 months? In Aus Ill have a suitcase Ill be sending home, as an aside.

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