Crete and Santorini help please

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Hi reddit friends in Greece and those who have travelled there. I am spending my last five days in Crete and wanting to make the most of my time here. I have already visited Heraklion (museum and Knossos)herssonissos, , ag. Nikoloas and the lisithi plateau. I am planning on doing Santorini Wednesday and staying overnight. My itinerary includes-

Travel by ferry Wednesday morning – rent an ATV and explore the island (I am traveling solo. I had considered doing an organised tour but Im thinking it may be full of people older than me- I am 24 yo) – places to visit includes
Red beach

Perissa beach

Kamari beach and Boardwalk

Travel from old port to Fira

Travel from Fira to Amoudi bay

Donkey ride up from Amoudi bay to Oia and explore and watch the sunset (I believe the spot where there are Venetian ruins has a great view with less crowds?) although not sure how busy it would be at this time of year anyway.

Stay in a cheap hostel in Fira (or Perissa ?? Heard its cheaper but I was told bars in Fira are best and would it be too far to get back to a hostel in Perissa?) and hopefully meet people to go out with in Fira for some bar hopping and a souvlaki at Luckys (thanks to reddit peeps ideas)

Thursday (Day 2 in Santorini) – see anything I may have wanted to spend longer at Do the volcano and hot springs tour (3 hours) Travel back to Heraklion.

Friday- this will be good Friday. I was going to hire a car and travel to Agio farrago for the day. Maybe also drive to rethymno. Had also considered doing the Zeus cave but dont think it will be open and also worth the travel time?

Saturday- drive to chania (had considered taking bus but Easter Saturday may be infrequent) – check out harbour, old town, and marketS (if open?) Also drive to balos beach and elefonissi.
I had considered driving to the gouverneto monastery and checking out the avlaki gorge and beach nearby but not sure I would have time- or is this better to do than elefonissi (claimed to be best beach in Europe)Im from Australia so I am used to amazing beaches but Im a beach girl at heart so would probably love it either way- keen to see some pink sand though! – also my thinking was I would get to see the gorge at Agiofarago the previous day. I enjoy hikes and views and anything with water (beaches, lakes gorges, mountains etc. I would have done Samaria gorge if I had more time. Also thinking of seeing an Easter service on either Friday or Saturday night either in herssonissos (where Im staying) or staying in chania and being apart of it all at the main cathedral there. Not everyday you get to be in Greece at Easter time after all.

Any advice or tips on the above would be most appreciated. I am probably overstretching myself (particularly Santorini- not sure how long it takes to do the whole island on an atv?) and in that case would love to hear what I should stay longer at or miss altogether. Thank you in advance!

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