Has anyone used Australia Post Load Go or ANZ Travel Card overseas

Posted on January 8, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Im going to LA in three weeks, from Australia, and Im currently trying to figure out that best way to take money over there. I was initially going to get an ANZ travel card, or the Aus Post Load & Go, but after some quick (and minimal) research, Ive found a bunch of bad reviews and a series of problems. I have a Visa debit card, and Visa credit card, both offering conversion rates of 3% on purchases over there, and probably more for withdrawals (though I think Ill just get some cash exchanged here before I go). Can anyone offer any advice, or ideas for these cards or something similar? Also quickly looked into Travelex but that seems even worse than the other two.
Thanks for any help!

Edit: trying to do this ASAP as the USD keeps going down 🙁

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