Heading to Australia on a working holiday visa

Posted on April 7, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Hey guys
Im, from the UK and leaving for a working holiday in Australia at the end of August. Flying into Bangkok 7 oclock Wednesday morning and depart 8 oclock Sunday morning. Then onto Bali where I arrive at 6PM Sunday evening. Flight out of Bali 1 oclock Thursday morning and land in Sydney to start the gap year.

Basically just needing some advice if any of you have visited these places before. I was thinking of splitting Thailand/Bali into one relaxing/one party trip. So maybe go from Bangkok to Koh Samet (which is a pretty relaxed island as far as I can tell) from Wednesday to Saturday morning, then get back to Bangkok Saturday night and catch my flight the next day. Then for Bali just spend my days in Kuta and be a scumbag haha.

Any ideas? Koh Samet seemed like the closest island destination to Bangkok but any advice would be great. I know Kutas supposed to be bad, but Im young and drink a lot so not too worried about the state of the place. Or I could switch it about and go wild in Bangkok and relax in Bali – Ubud or something?
Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated. If youve got any general tips for Australia thatd be fantastic as well.

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