How hard is it to enter/work in the US/Canada with a spent criminal conviction

Posted on February 20, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Hoping someone can provide me with an insight because I am still not sure. I was caught shoplifting (when I was incredibly stupid and immature) about 18 months ago and was given a spent conviction in Australia. I am aware that the US visa asks for any "arrests" in their application to which answering yes would void the visa application and require an interview with the US embassy for a waiver.

Could anyone please shed any light, perhaps through their own experiences or of people they know with similiar situations in entering the US/Canada. I may sound melodramatic but I feel distraught and hopeless in knowing I may possibly never be able to enter the US/Canada in the next decade- I have family there and have dreamt of working there for a long time.

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