Looking for advice on specific countries to go for a year

Posted on April 2, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

I am going to be spending 2017 traveling, and the idea is to visit twelve countries for one month each. So far, I have ten countries pretty much settled. They are: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Jordan, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, China, and Thailand. I am trying to figure out the final two countries & would love some input.

Im considering: Italy, Norway, France, Vietnam, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary.

I am very open to other ideas as well. Heres what Im looking for in a country, as well as some info about me:

The country needs to have good Airbnbs under $1300/month. Scotland was removed from my list for this reason, unfortunately! Ive checked all of the places that Ive listed above, and they all meet this criteria.
Im looking primarily in Europe & Asia. I am not looking at Africa, Australia, or New Zealand, mostly because of flight costs and/or Airbnb costs. I am from the USA, so Im not looking there either. Nowhere else in South America either (even though Id love to see more countries there eventually!). I am traveling with my boyfriend. We are both in our mid-20s, and we currently live in NYC. We love nature and hiking, but we also love cities, so were looking for a diverse mix in our travels. Some of the most ideal locations would be a city with great nature 1-3 hours away. Does anyone have any ideas to narrow down the long list I posted?! Id love to hear any input about any of these places. And again, Im open to any other countries that you think may be missing from our list. Thank you!

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