Looking for an active vacation in July

Posted on May 24, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Ive got some vacation time saved up. I typically like to do more active things on vacation – going to a resort is soul-crushing for me. Ill be traveling alone, and this will actually be my first genuinely solo trip overseas. Ill be leaving from Atlanta in the US. I love hiking, love seeing and experiencing new cultures.

Where Ive already been: Japan (lived there for a year), Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Peru (hiked through the mountains – amazing), Italy, France, Vienna, Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali and Lombok back in the 90s), Costa Rica (but was on a resort the whole time)

Length: 9-10 days

Budget: Ideally around 2k, although can spend a little more for an amazing experience, or less obviously.

Climate: Not a cold weather person. Cool is doable, but I dont want to be around snow for more than 2-3 days

Interests: I love to hike, surf, and generally do things. Historical stuff is fun too, but more into sites than museums. Im not a foodie – I enjoy it well enough but I dont want to travel somewhere for the cuisine.

Safety: Important. Ive got two small kids who arent coming with, but Id like to come back to them. I can handle myself well enough, but I will be traveling alone. I speak virtually nothing except Australian and Japanese.

In a perfect world Id be doing one of the REI adventure trips to the Galapagos Islands but right now the ~$6k it would cost is more than I want to spend.

Thanks for any ideas/assistance!!

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