Moving back to Australia in Sept,16

Posted on February 22, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Sorry if this is the wrong sub for this.

Currently living in London but am returning to Australia in Sept. I have looked at a couple of shipping companies online but most look pretty similar and ive found it difficult to find any helpful reviews online. So far I have looked at Pickfords and ShipIt! but dont really know what to make of them or if they are decent rates.

I moved here initially with just 1 large suitcase but have obviously since bought more things. My suitcase would be way over the limit for my return flight and excess baggage costs for the flight are way too much. It would probably only equate to about 20kgs of items at most. Mainly shoes, books and clothes.

I was wondering if anyone has any background they could share with me in terms of companies or overall tips.

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