My family and I want to travel in February/March

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I am about to hand in my PhD thesis and my wife and I decided today that we would like to travel in February or March before I start working. We have two children, one girl age 4 and a boy of 10 months. We are looking for ideas where to go.

We live in Berlin, Germany, and are willing to travel long distances. We have already been to many places and would be willing to revisit most of them again. Our constraints are:

Climate: We want to go somewhere warm and reasonably dry. It doesnt have to be warm enough for swimming but around or above 20C (= 68F) would be great.

Health and safety: We dont want to go anywhere with a high risk of contracting something like malaria, dengue fever, measles, etc. We also rule out regions that are politically unstable or where crime is a serious problem. It has to be reasonably safe, in particular with respect to our children.

No long car rides: This is probably a real problem but our son hates driving in a car. Every car ride longer then 30 minutes is exhausting for all of us. So a tour along the coast in southern Australia, for example, wouldnt be ideal currently.

Budget: Our budget is obviously not unlimited but weve saved some money. Not more then $6000 including flights would be good.

Duration: Anything between two to six weeks would be perfect.

Both of us speak English as fluently as this post is. My wife also speaks some Italian, French, and rudimentary Burmese.

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