Need help planning exciting/pampering Honeymoon in East Asia

Posted on October 5, 2015 | in Travellers Questions | by

(Im gonna build this as a vision of good from the Guidelines)

My fiance and I have traveled to only a couple of countries in Europe (England, France and Italy) and I have traveled to Korea and Australia, but were looking for an adventure thats new for both of us.

Length: We are really flexible on this, but were thinking maybe about… 10 days?

Budget: Im going to take airfare out of the equation, and set perhaps a $4000 budget on top of that? But I can be flexible as long as I know what Im planning for.

Climate: Were hoping for some of those beautiful beaches (and resorts) that I see in this subreddit frequently. I, however, also love the idea of a beautiful big city. I really want to visit Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore, but maybe I have to save that for another trip… (I also keep thinking of that stretch of scenes in Skyfall… the Casino, and the lights! So amazing!) I hear that April/May is a good time to visit these areas, as its right before monsoon season?

Ideally, were looking for maybe an island resort that isnt wildly expensive, and maybe be able to quickly hop to some beautiful locales that are worth exploring.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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