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Hey Everyone

Im, going to be going to be studying abroad in London this summer and have been trying to plan some epic central/eastern eurotrip afterward and I need some help with deciding how many days to stay in each place. I am doing central and eastern Europe because I am on travelling around Western Europe during my study abroad time. I have never travelled in Europe before so Im pretty clueless right now. There are so many places to visit but I have narrowed it down to a few..






6.Somewhere in Italy (want to visit Italy, but there are so many cities and dont know which one to go to!)

Those are some of the must dos on my trip. So pretty much the plan was to do crazy shit and party in Eastern/Central Europe (trying to live life on the edge/to the fullest) + go to Italy to practice my Italian on the babes 😉

My question to those from the area (Im from US, feel free to ask for advice if youre headed here)

What should I add to the itinerary, and how long should I stay in each city?

–The dates are August 11-August 28

— Im young and single, I want to party (I know Berlin and Amsterdam are must go places for partying but I am going to those after with a friend) but Im also an explorer at heart. Chances are I wont get to do this again, or travel in this way ever again.

Anything thats a must add to the itinerary? Festivals? Events? Must see locations? Girls?

Shout out to /u/jabberwocky9063 for the post format!

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