Question about the existence of a work holiday Schengen Visa

Posted on May 6, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

So a little background first.. Two of my friends and I are planning on traveling Europe starting January 2017. One of my friends has an Irish passport and friend #2 and I are both Canadian Citizens. Yesterday I was researching online about European Visas specifically the Schengen Visa and I came across this blog post The article said that it was updated in 2016 and near the bottom it has this note. "Citizens of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are eligible for one- to two-year working holiday visas, which allow them to stay and work within the Schengen Area. Applicants must apply for this visa from a specific country and be younger than 30. I would apply for this visa even if I didn’t plan on working simply to get the extended time in Europe."

I couldnt find much information on this so Im hoping to clarify with someone who knows more or is from one of the above mentioned countries and has gotten a work holiday visa in Europe. Does this mean that if me and friend #2 get approved for a work holiday visa in say France that we could travel within the Schengen area but only work in France? Could we get in trouble for traveling outside of France for more than 90 days? Also my friend with the Irish Citizenship would he be allowed to work in other countries even though Ireland isnt part of the Schengen area? Thanks in advance 🙂

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