Questions about Australian Customs Quarantine

Posted on March 28, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

hey, im 21/f/american moving to australia for a year on a work and holiday visa. the last time i went on an international trip i was a kid with my family so i have a few questions if anyone else has specific enough background to help me out.

im anxious about questioning but i guess everyone is. ill be meeting and staying with my long distance boyfriend ive never met before, and while im nervous about using the word boyfriend to customs, the general consensus online seems to be to just tell the truth because im not doing anything illegal and its worse to get caught lying. i have plenty of money for a return ticket when necessary and already have sightseeing trips within the rest of the country booked.

my second concern is: im both a minimal and paranoid person, i dont trust airlines with my bags, so i packed as light as possible and everything fits vacuum sealed into just one carry on bag and one backpack. is it likely that they will open my carryon luggage if i have nothing to declare? i will not be bringing any food or plant products, just a shitload of clothes vacuum sealed in a little bag that would be a bit hard for me to shut again by myself if they open it. i guess its irresponsible to be winging it without knowing exactly what to expect, but im not trying to stress too hard, and i know if anything happens i will be able to deal with it in some way.

thanks for your help ! ! :0)

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