Questions about visas for Asia/Australia from US

Posted on February 29, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

So Ive done my due diligence on this but Ive come across some discrepancies on what I think my wife and I need. This summer were going to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali), and Australia. Well have to go through a visa agency to deal with the Chinese visa as the consulate is far away from us. Looks like we just have to purchase a visa on arrival to Bali for a small fee (as well as 200000, IDR exit fee? Can anyone confirm?)
In regards to Australia, Ive seen the $135/pp and the free ETA from different sources. Americans who have gone to Australia simply for tourism, was the ETA enough? Looks like the ETA will cost about 20AUD to buy online, and Id much rather do that instead of the $135.

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