Setttling down after backpacking

Posted on May 3, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Been traveling since I was 18 mostly around Australia but have done many other long trips through Asia and other parts of the world. I have come home a few times in between after needing a break but now Im home again 2 months and I just cant settle into normal life anymore…everyone with their same boring routine, same bar, same drinks, same holidays and bullshit I cant stand. Im now 26 but I have missed a lot of important family stuff while I been away probably at least 7 years which makes me feel bad. Im always wanting to travel and do crazy shit in different countries with random people…

Im smart and have saved up over £35k with no degrees, just being street smart on my travels and with being single having no kids and a lot of money i dont think I will ever settle with anyone because my life is so crazy and spontaneous 9-5 scares the hell out of me…

But I do want to settle….I just feel where I have come from nothing holds me here and I get bored of everything and everyone because I know I can jump on a plane anywhere….anytime and immediately find who or what I want to fulfil my needs.. its like I can no longer live a normal standard of living and I cant help but wonder how long this will keep going on for ….

Anyone else background this feeling?

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