Should I send my mother to Minca

Posted on January 17, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

TL;DR at the end. I (32f, USA) have visited my mother (63f, USA) for a week or so every 18 monthsish for the last few years, and it never goes particularly well. When I learned about the Ciudad Perdida trek I mentioned it on facebook and she surprised me by being really gung-ho about doing it with me–shes been using her fitbit and walking xxxxx steps a day, shes fine with peeing in the woods, etc. I was cautiously excited and began planning the trip. Shes been to Mexico a few times many years ago, but Ive lived and worked in Thailand, Australia and Korea, so she asked me to plan it and I booked some cute boutique hostels.

Were in Santa Marta now and I feel a little misled. She doesnt like the heat and cant sleep with the weird noise from the aircon or the pigeons outside the window. Im not sure how shes going to cope with a five day hike through the jungle, and to top it off shes now sick with food poisoning and our trek is meant to leave tomorrow. Ive been bringing her pedialyte and water and pantomimed "diarrhea" at the drogueria, but shes not 100% and she even said earlier today she wants to go home.

So. If she doesnt feel better tomorrow, does it sound like Minca would be a good place to send her while I do the trek? Its meant to be a bit cooler than the coast, and theres some birdwatching. I just want to make sure its a nice place for my mama. Or any other ideas that arent too far from Santa Marta?

I am going to go on the trek, whether it makes me a bad daughter or not.

TL;DR My mama is sick and not coping well with Colombia. If she cant do the Ciudad Perdida trek, is Minca a good alternative?

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