To All The Experienced Travelers Out There: What is your number one piece of advice

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(If this isnt the right subreddit to post this to, please let me know)

A little information. At the end of this month I will be heading on a one, to potentially two, year adventure to Australia. Im twenty-five years old, currently live in Canada, and taking a working holiday visa break before I spend four years in University. Ive made this choice because I think its time for a real adventure and because, currently, Im stuck in the mud in most aspects of my life. This is an opportunity to break out of my shell that monotony and life has wrapped me in and I have the time to go explore at the moment.

This will be my first time traveling anywhere, and Ill be doing it alone. As you can imagine Ive been getting random facts, ridiculous advice and scary stories from every Tom, Dick, and Harry (Most of whom have never traveled). I want to get a realistic idea of what Ill be up against from real explorers of the world, and not just some random people either a website paid to advertise popular destinations or someone trying to peddle their own book.

Honestly, Im terrified. Now that isnt a terribly unrealistic thing to be when youre flying to the other side of the world with just a backpack and some spare change but I have my doubts. Especially when the people around you say that I wont do well in Australia because Im not a heavy drinker/party-er and Im not the most social. But isnt that the point of traveling? To be scared, amazed, try new things, find out what you really enjoy doing, plus a million other experiences and adapt to them all?

So I look to you all for help. Lend me your experience, one human to another.

*What is your number one piece of advice? *If you dont have one, tell me about an amazing or terrible background you had in Australia or elsewhere.
*Is there one thing I should force myself to do, no matter how uncomfortable?

*Books/Guides I should definitely read or bring with me (Free if possible)

*Anything else you can think of.

Thank you for your time and knowledge.
TL:DR – Travel Newbie looking for je ne sais quoi. Hit me with your best shot, fire away~
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