What Am I Looking At In Terms of Expenses

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I asked a similar question a while ago and got some helpful feedback. Anyway, Ive been doing some research into flights etc.
Im from Australia and we met in secondary school (years 8-12 for you Americans). He was an international student from Indonesia taking up residence in Australia. Our friendship transpired into a budding bromance and only got stronger out of high school. Fast-forward from 2005 to 2013 and due to extenuating family circumstances, I moved from the west coast to the east coast. So its been three-or-so years since Ive last had physical contact with him.

Weve certainly kept in touch through email, inbox, and text exchange, however, he dislikes talking over phones. (Apparently it makes him feel lonelier and more distant from me). It sounds a little homo but I promise no homo. He just is very choosy with his friends and as a result really only had me and his fiance. This made me feel guilty for leaving, as she would often go abroad for long periods of time to study, leaving him to his own devices completely alone with just his accounting job to keep him preoccupied. Anyway, I digress!

Throughout our wordy exchanges over the last three years, weve often dabbled on the notion of marriage and joked about whether he would marry his girlfriend and I kind of promised I would be his best man. Anyway, time changes us and our circumstances.
So here I am now and he has invited me to his wedding in Indonesia. Its in September… The cheapest return flight I can find as of this moment is $565 AUD. Thats also subject to change at a moments notice since I havent made the transaction…
I technically wouldnt mind paying that much to go to a friends wedding, but Ive never been overseas before and so I think it would be incredibly naive of me if I were to think that was the only expense I would have to endure. From the top of my head, Im thinking of food, accommodation, transport, and even a budget for recreational expenses as I would likely be over there for a week. Are there any experiences souls who would have an approximate figure on expenditure for a week? Im assuming it would be astronomical.

There are just too many uncertain financial variables that it makes me feel uncomfortable telling him that I will go. In addition, I have very little understanding of Indonesias culture. Is English a prevailing language over there? Will I suffer from a language barrier? I also cant help but think I would be completely alone for a week as I imagine my friend would likely be busy preparing for his wedding. And I have no idea how to voice any of this to a friend I really havent seen in quite a few years. I feel like it might come across as if Im complaining or making excuses for why I cant go. Which I really dont want to burden him with at a time like this.

Would it be more considerate and appropriate to just wish him all the best and apologise for not being able to make it? (He said he would understand if I couldnt make it, but still… This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that is making me extremely guilty and restless at night).

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