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Posted on May 13, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

Hey there, my name is Daniel and I just recently heard about the organization WWOOF(World Wide Opportunites on Organic Farms).
I was curious if there were a few people who have done this before and what its like. Im from Oregon in the US and want to go to New Zealand, Australia or somewhere in SouthEast Asia. I have a few questions: What was your daily schedule like, and type of work you did? Did you work daily or could you work a certain amount of hours per week and have a day or two to check out the area? Did you get paid at all or was it only food and lodging? How much money did you bring/need on the trip? Is more than one person able to go, possibly me and a cousin or my girlfriend? Im going to school during the fall, spring and winter, so either summer break or spring break, what would you recommend? Did you have any time to do stuff other than work?( I dont mind working at all, Ive worked my whole life and worked on a farm before, however I want to background the country as well.)
How was the host, and do you have any recommended hosts I could possibly get a hold of that you recommend? I understand that these questions will vary with the host and the place, Im just looking for answers that fit your background or what you have heard. Also, any other information is very helpful and I appreciate everyones input. Have a wonderful day!

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