What foods should I bring back to my friends back when I come home

Posted on April 21, 2016 | in Travellers Questions | by

I will be travelling all around Europe for half a year from June onwards and was wondering if there were any interesting/exotic/funny/cool foods that I would be able to bring back to my friends in Australia to eat. The more exotic the better as it would be fun doing challenges with the foods.

Unfortunately, Australia has quite strict bio-security laws and so I wont be able to bring any meat or nut products (apart from seafood), so really Im looking for canned or packaged foods. An idea I had was bringing canned surstromming back as I have seen how bad/funny it can get.

EDIT: So Im going on exchange and will be exploring all sorts of places. I havent really decided yet but I will definitely be travelling across a wide range of places (including Scandinavia and Eastern Europe).

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