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My husband and I both work way too much and we somehow both managed to pull off a two month sabbatical this fall. Ill be between jobs and hell be taking 8 weeks without pay. We are so psyched! At the moment we are child-less and mortgage-less and this will probably the last opportunity we have for a long while to take time off like this. We are going to move everything into storage and run away from life for a bit. The problem is: we dont know what to do with ourselves!

My husband just wants to live in Moab in a tent for the entire time and go rock climbing and mountain biking. I want to travel the world! I think we are going to compromise and do half and half. We have had the opportunity to travel pretty extensively thus far in our lives (extending work travel, visiting family internationally, backpacking through Central America between school/job transitions), but we know theres so much more out there that we havent seen. So…. I want to know your favorite, adventurous travel spots. Particularly places that might be harder as we get older, have kids, and have less time for travel. If you had three weeks (and airline miles to burn), what 3 or 4 destinations would you visit? We like places that take us out of our comfort zones (the less English the better), prefer to be outside doing things, we like history (Europe?), are pretty indifferent about art, and prefer cheap local food over fine dining. We want to discover new places, not go back somewhere weve been before. We have a good bit in savings, but dont want to break the bank (well still have a car payment and things as well). — places weve already been:
North America
– 45/50 us states (we want to go international!)
– Montreal
– Vancouver/whistler
– Jamaica
– U.S. Virgin Islands
– Cancun
Central America
– Nicaragua
– Costa Rica
– Panama – Belize
South America
– Colombia Africa
– hubs went to Kili/Zanzibar without me
– London
– Paris
– Amsterdam
– Berlin
– Vienna
– Budapest
– Barcelona
– Ukraine
– Dubai
– Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Mulu
– Mainland China Australia
– Perth
– Gold Coast

What do you recommend? What must-see things should be on our list? Greece? Italy? Sweden? South Africa? The Stans? Help!
Edit: lets say budget is 3k for lodging, 3k for travel between places/food/entertainment

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